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  • NBC新聞:克羅澤未能恢復上校職務

    2020-07-06 所屬欄目:NBC news

    In a surprise move late today the navy upheld the decision to fire captain Brett Crozier. The commander who sounded a public alarm about a coronavirus outbreak on his ship, the U

  • NBC新聞:博爾頓新書引爭論

    2020-07-03 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Tonight a courtroom clash over John Bolton's new book about his former boss. But with many stinging accusations already public, a federal judge says it may be too late for th

  • NBC新聞:俄州感染病例激增

    2020-06-28 所屬欄目:NBC news

    With just three days until president Trump's rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, Trump supporters already camping out. I'm not any more concerned about the coronavirus in the BOK th

  • NBC新聞:HBO暫時下架《亂世佳人》

    2020-06-28 所屬欄目:NBC news

    It's an American movie classic, known for its swirling score and unforgettable cast. Frankly my dear, i don't give a damn. But now Gone With the Wind is temporarily gone

  • NBC新聞:美國疫情還在持續

    2020-06-22 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Tonight fears are rising about more spread of the coronavirus. An associated press report finds demonstrations have taken place in the 25 U.S. communities with the highest concen

  • NBC新聞:亞特蘭大投票機出問題

    2020-06-22 所屬欄目:NBC news

    This is primary day in Georgia. Lines in Atlanta stretching for blocks. Some standing in the rain forced to wait hours to cast a ballot. You've been here for three hours. I a

  • NBC新聞:明尼蘇達開展民權調查

    2020-06-19 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Tonight as this memorial grows the state of Minnesota has launched a sweeping civil rights investigation of the Minneapolis Police Department for the first time in its history. T

  • NBC新聞:專家稱抗議會加速病毒傳播

    2020-06-16 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Thousands of people taking to the streets and taking a chance amidst a virus that's now killed more than a hundred six thousand Americans. I'm willing to risk my life for

  • NBC新聞:孕婦患新冠后早產

    2020-06-15 所屬欄目:NBC news

    When little Leah Torres came into this world, her mother didn't even know. Mom was critically ill with coronavirus in an induced coma. Doctors on the Long Island delivered th

  • NBC新聞:馬斯克發射火箭升空

    2020-06-11 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Less than 24 hours now until American astronauts once again liftoff from US soil on an American rocket headed for the space station. On board the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Doug Hurl

  • NBC新聞:巴西新冠疫情嚴重

    2020-06-09 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Soccer's world cup was once played here, now a global disease is treated here. At a field hospital next to Brazil's biggest stadium, one woman's heart has just stoppe

  • NBC新聞:美國一商場發生槍擊案

    2020-06-08 所屬欄目:NBC news

    At an Arizona mall in its first weeks of reopening, horror in the parking lot. There is a man with a gun. Police say the masked gunmen stopped the shopping center in just outside

  • NBC新聞:美國海軍航空站發生槍擊案

    2020-06-04 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Shots rang out at 6:15 this morning at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, The training base immediately went on lockdown. There is an active shooter 10 100 ocean drive. Law en

  • NBC新聞:墨西哥一醫院住滿患者

    2020-06-02 所屬欄目:NBC news

    I'm Richard Engel in Mexico city where the Juarez hospital is near capacity. Dr. Luis Gordo runs the COVID ICU. They're all men and they all seem to be in their 40s or so

  • NBC新聞:美國數千人贈送陌生人禮物

    2020-06-01 所屬欄目:NBC news

    In Savannah Georgia, Santa Claus has some competition. We are so proud of you. Grads have been showered with gifts. That is awesome. From strangers who decided to adopt a senior,

  • NBC新聞:訓練犬有望幫助探測新冠病毒

    2020-05-28 所屬欄目:NBC news

    We all know the amazing power of a dog's nose, trained to detect bombs at airports, sent to search for survivors after earthquakes. And now the fight against Coronavirus coul

  • NBC新聞:疫情對企業辦公影響重大

    2020-05-27 所屬欄目:NBC news

    For millions the reality of working from home could be permanent. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey telling his employees they can work remotely forever from anywhere. As many industries g

  • NBC新聞:拋售股票參議員被調查

    2020-05-25 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Tonight the FBI has seized the phone of a powerful Senator, the chairman of the senate intelligence committee temporarily stepping aside from his post as the Feds investigate whe

  • NBC新聞:疫情下的高中畢業典禮

    2020-05-25 所屬欄目:NBC news

    For the class of 2020 the pomp is overshadowed by the circumstances. Life always gonna keep on throwing curveballs, you just got to learn how to take them. At Chaffey High School

  • NBC新聞:女兒追隨母親護士職業

    2020-05-20 所屬欄目:NBC news

    During Chelsea Tuazon's major moments in life, her mother Gina stands beside her. But one particular moment means more this year. When she told me that she was going to nursi

  • NBC新聞:橄欖球賽事距重啟又近一步

    2020-05-18 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Tonight the NFL one step closer to kicking off its new season unveiling its schedule of games. And Commissioner Roger Goodell setting the ground rules for reopening club faciliti

  • NBC新聞:洋溢著愛和感恩的護士節

    2020-05-18 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Though it started in 1982, National Nurses Day may not have appeared on your calendar. This is quite different. With sounds of appreciation echoing across the country, grateful f

  • NBC新聞:一線人員收到大量感謝信

    2020-05-12 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Condolences. We would like to express our condolences but how? We make do with Zoom or Facetime but both leave something to be desired. So we send cards and write notes. The symp

  • NBC新聞:意大利疫情好轉

    2020-05-11 所屬欄目:NBC news

    Italy is coming back and life is finally returning to the eternal city. At Rome's villa borghese overlooking st. Peter's Basilica, first walks, first jogs. Parks had been

  • NBC新聞:美警方打擊口罩惡意漲價

    2020-05-08 所屬欄目:NBC news

    In New York City police and federal agents arrest three men accused of selling 1000 medical masks for ten times the normal price. In another case, less than a block from one of N

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